S&A Industries has a proven track record of meeting or exceeding project goals and For more than 30 years we have been providing the hospitality industry with world-class workmanship, fair pricing, and top efficiency. We recognize the importance of minimizing revenue loss by achieving these goals and allowing your property to maximize guestroom and meeting space occupancy. We stand ready to discuss your plans and look forward to personally meeting with you to design a course of action to accomplish your renovation needs.

Services Overview


We work with your designer in the preparation of specification documents and property requirements. We can often identify both potential areas of concern and possible cost savings.

Property Review

We review and evaluate issued drawings, blueprints, and specifications for correct measurements and cost estimates. Physical property inspections are completed, along with field measurements. We often recommend cost-saving ways to achieve our clients' desired results


We apply your intended scope of work to line item costs and task-specific labor pricing. We offer, at your option, procurement services for your project furniture, fixture, and equipment needs.

Procurement Services

We make a complete review of the final specifications of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment included in the procurement package. We can and do recommend alternatives.


Remove and dispose of existing furniture, fixtures, and equipment. As noted, we have the ability to warehouse FF & E that has to be removed and then put back in place or to accept our clients' ordered FF & E and install when called for. Physically, hands-on, we do the tearing down, removing and replacing of sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, painting, wall covering, tiling, and carpeting that our clients' specifications call for.