Procurement Services

If we become your procurement agent, we make a complete review of the final specifications of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment included in the procurement package.

We will verify all pertinent information with the manufacturer and the approved client representative.

We generate purchase orders for the furniture, fixtures, and equipment included in the procurement package, review the orders again with the approved client representative, and, upon approval, place the orders with the vendor. We will obtain all fire retardant certificates required and manufacturers' warranties.

All furniture, fixtures, and equipment orders will be acknowledged with each vendor and a tracking/delivery schedule coordinated with the project’s flow chart. FF & E deliveries will be received, unloaded and, if necessary, stored for the project’s use. S & A Industries has sizeable warehouse capacity or we can rent space as needed near the project location. All deliveries will be checked for accuracy of the order and inspected for damages and, if any are discovered, proper documentation will be filed with the carrier and/or vendor.

For accounting and payment, the manufacturer’s original invoice and related changes will be presented to the approved client representative for review.